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We have a proven track record of delivering results for our customers by increasing traffic and leads through LinkedIn Ad Marketing

LinkedIn is primarily a professional portal. It is a social networking site for the official community. It is a platform for professionals to connect with like-minded users, have community-based discussions, post mostly service-related news, etc. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn focuses more on connecting business relationships. Social media is wide. Hence it is crucial to have a vision, and an objective, especially for digital business activities. The LinkedIn ads help reach the right audience and create great digital brand awareness.

The LinkedIn portal offers various types of ads. Sponsored or paid content is one of the types of ads displayed on your audience’s LinkedIn feeds. They are displayed both on mobile screens and desktops. Once you have opted for sponsored content, wherever your ad is displayed, it will have a label attached as Sponsored to differentiate it from regular ads. LinkedIn ads are effective and have a good turnover. With sponsored content, you can choose to publish your ads in formats that include carousel ads, single image, or video ads.

Hence it is crucial to have a vision, and an objective, especially for digital business activities. The Linkedin ads help you reach the right audience and create great digital brand awareness.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Social media is vast. Each platform has varied feature offerings. Though the end objective is to enhance the business opportunities, the method and ways adopted vary from platform to platform. Some features of LinkedIn marketing services are

830+ million professionals

Majority are business decision-makers

Top lead

Sponsored content = better reach



LinkedIn Marketing Advertising Strategy

Give Boost: Generate tons of qualified leads and sales with Us.

The Sponsored messaging is another form of LinkedIn ad that lets you send personalized emails to the target audience. The Ads repeatedly displayed can be annoying. Hence, the Linkedin portal sets a threshold on the times you can send your ad email message. It is crucial to segregate the target base. LinkedIn offers more than 20 different audience attributes and categories to curate the target base. Some of them include but are not limited to member interests, member schools, job title, company, skills, etc.
Mgdigitalagency is your one-stop digital partner who helps you set up your business in the digital world. It is not what you do but how you do it. The ad posting is not just another activity. There goes in a lot of research and study. Including your business offerings to the public, the current position in the market, performance, expectations, competitors, strategy, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An improved interface and more social features – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Placing ads on the LinkedIn portal is called linked-in ads marketing. 
No, it is not. However, the services are affordable and Effective at the same time.
It is the best platform to generate leads. Unlike other social media portals, linked-in is more curated and professional. It offers personal ways of identifying your potential leads and connecting to them.
Once you create your account and choose a plan of ad marketing, you can indulge in marketing activities through sponsored content, sponsored messages, text ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads, awareness ads, and others. Connect with brand promotion companies who will help you optimize the marketing results.